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Name:Mikey Way Community
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.::.Introduction & Rules.::.

Mikey Way is the talented, amazing, funny, gorgeous, incredible, bass player of 'My Chemical Romance'

It's impossible not to love the younger Way so we created this community to share the love.

There are just a few simple rules to follow:

♠ This is a community dedicated to *Mikey Way*, so stay IT. We obviously love My Chemical Romance but make the entries Mikey-related. If you post a pic, a news, whatever, make sure it concerns Mikey too. Entries without him will be deleted.

♠ Respect Mikey, his wife and his private life. No flames directed to him or his family. Don't post his private business (ie. you know where he goes everyday at 10am? well, good for you but don't post it here ;)), don't post his private contacts and such.

♠ Respect other community members and their opinions. No flames.

♠ This community is slash friendly but not slash. That means there are no problems at all if you make a slash comment but please don't post fic or explicit graphics/drawings...

♠ No Spam. If you need to advertise something just ask the mod, we'll be more than happy to take a look and probably give you permission ;)

That's all folks! Enjoy, have fun, spread the Mikey Way love ;)


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